Booking Information

All Booking requests are to to be made in writing to the e-mail address, or WhatsApp messenger numbers listed below.

Bookings requested must include (i) The Package Code being requested, (ii) The Date the Booking is requested (iii) Location/Venue of Proposed Shoot (iv) Your Name (v) Your E-mail address (vi) Your Cellular Telephone Number.

Specifically with music video’s please provide the song genre, and whether you would prefer a scenic shoot or a short movie shoot. Whilst we can offer advice on scripting shoots, the client must have the final word on their requirements, and approve any technical/creative aspects of the shoot.

Enquiries submitted, will be responded to within 24 hours, provided all contact information is supplied.

A written contract will be sent, to your e-mail address, for your approval. The contract offered will include the payment plan. All contracts carry a “money back” guarantee, and the terms and conditions of the guarantee.

Bookings will be confirmed in writing, once the contract is signed by yourself, scanned and returned to us by e-mail. Please note, a booking is not confirmed until you have returned a signed contract and then receive a Booking Confirmation Notice from Golden Bear Studio. No verbal booking confirmations will be offered, and none should be accepted. This protects both yourself and us, from any misunderstandings with regard to to the client requirements, and our ability to meet those requirements

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  • +27 62 198 0011