Keegan & Stephanie Ellse Wedding

Please ensure that you click the HD button on the video players below and
select AT LEAST 540p (720p or 1080p would be preferable if your bandwidth allows) for a reasonable playback quality.
The final video files provided to the bridal couple are all in 1920x1080p format, true HD quality.

Keegan and Stephanie invited us to join them on their special day, for which we thank them. This is the full video package, five videos covering the whole event from start to finish, a total of just over 53 minutes. We are not offering a highlight package here, these are the same video files as presented to the happy couple. An interesting challenge was the romantic low lighting levels at the reception venue after sunset. As we attempt to be as inconspicuous as possible during filming, we did not add portable stand lighting, using only a diffused camera light where really needed.

We include 1080p (1920×1080 pixel) quality uploads to either YouTube or Vimeo, for you to share your joyous event with family and friends across the Earth. This is a time consuming process, and consumes much bandwidth, the video clip below, just under 17 minutes long, is 1.2 GB in size. You don’t have to worry about uploading any of this, we do it for you! It should be borne in mind that You-Tube will block videos that have copyright music claims. This is beyond our control, so we recommend the use of add-free Vimeo to share your magic moments with your family and friends around the world.

We ensure that all the key moments are captured, the warm wedding vibe is carried across to your audience. So between 45 minutes to an hour is what we will produce for your future memories. This will result in around 5GB of 1920x 1080p fully edited, color graded and audio enhanced, HD video footage, higher quality than DVD content that runs at 1080x720p size. We endeavor to keep the video lengths to a maximum of 15-18 minutes.

When it is safe and legal to make use of aerial footage shot from our stabilised aerial camera, we add a dimension to your memories that others only dream of. In the next clip are two scenes shot from high above the reception. When one considers that the lighting at the venue was romantically low level lighting, the images are truly stunning.

We use high quality video equipment from start to finish. Our rates are based on the time it will take to create a quality video. For every hour of video footage shot, we average 5 hours in post production selecting the best scenes, editing, placing sound tracks correctly, color grading the footage to cinematic broadcast standards.

So when we have 2 or 3 cameras running for around 4 hours each at a wedding, we know we have at least 60 hours of post production work before we are close to a product we can release to our client. We could do it in less time, and charge less…..but we will not. We are not in the business of cheap products, we are in the business of quality products.

Wedding Rate Card

Keegan & Steph